Thursday, July 30, 2009

This would only happen to me...

Why am I already posting a journey story? What just happened really would only happen to me.

I'm having a tearful goodbye with Mom, who is watching me go through the check. I'm thinking nothing of it, because I've actually just packed my carryons and I know there's nothing in there that could be flagged. Think again, Ansley.

The TSA people stop my backpack in the scanner. They call loudly for a supervisor. Three uniformed people come over and are scrutinizing the screen...I'm thinking, "crap, I've left a water bottle in there...oh well..."

A nice, portly lady takes me over and informs me that I need to watch as she unloads my bag and I can't touch anything. Ok.....

She starts going through my hikers backpack...multiple pockets, tons of stuff, baggies of clothes, panties, iPod stuff, books, etc....she's not giving up....

All of a sudden, she says "I must be blind, girl!" and pulls out my pocketknife (which is open, blade out, by the way) from the side pocket. HOLY HANNAH!!! I thought they were going to arrest me on the spot, not let me get on the plane...all the while I'm saying, oh my gosh, how did that get in there?!

I had been looking for that knife, to pack it in my checked luggage, all night...figured I'd lost it or one of the boys had taken it. Nope...I'm trying to TAKE IT ON A PLANE!! The very kind TSA people took it to my mom (who is watching this whole thing from afar with a confused look on her face) and they will mail it to me.

But seriously....who else would that happen to?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's official, folks: I have all the paperwork necessary to go to South Korea!! After a long and often arduous process (now I know how hard it is to move to another country), I am heading to the great unknown country of SK in exactly 36 hours. HOLY HANNAH!!!

I'm not even going to go into all that happened today. Needless to say, Atlanta is not currently on my list of favorite places to visit. Hold on....a quick overview? Ok....getting lost (check), getting a boot put on my car by some punk kid after being there 15 minutes (check), buying a TON of liquor at a corner store and being questioned about my driver's license picture (check), getting stuck in traffic while on the way home (check), getting ogled by 3 truck drivers in said traffic (check check check)....thank goodness for mothers who make fantastic pomegranate martinis and homemade pizza!

Now, it's the final stretch of packing and more packing. One more load of laundry, one family photo session, and one family cookout from now, I'll be heading out!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


This whole thing with the passport has taught be the benefits of being totally prepared and not just taking someone's word for it. I should have driven my passport to New Orleans for a couple days, stayed with my cousin and enjoyed time with her, and not worried about all this mess. I did get the passport in, but now I've been having visa drama.

THANKFULLY, the girl in Atlanta is so sweet and letting me come in on Monday to have my interview and turn in all my documents. I have no idea if I'll need to spend Monday night there, but I'll gladly do so and even pay for a hotel room if it means I get to leave on the 30th! This is really exciting and I plan on being totally prepared by Wednesday night...I'll even get to hang out with Peter, who is just back from Iraq.

As much as this delay has frustrated me (I should be in Korea by now!), I have enjoyed the extra time with family and friends. This morning, I woke my mother up by giving her coffee in bed and laying with her awhile, playing with the dog and talking. Very relaxed and simple. Then I got to meet JD at the 3 lakes park to hang out in the sun and talk. I get to have dinner with R and P tonight. I get to hang out with Me-maw more. These are the times that I'm grateful that I'm still here. I'm going to miss everyone so much, and leaving is showing me how much I cherish each and every one of you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm not leaving on the 23rd. Right now, it looks like I'm going to fly out the 27th or 28th and go from there. This is hard because it delays me mentally as well as physically and it means that I'm in limbo for a little bit longer. At the same time, this might be a blessing, as I'm not fully packed yet and today was going to be a stretch if I had to do the visa in Atlanta.

My boss is very understanding and has assured me that everything is ok and he will pick me up at the airport when I get there. This might give me a chance to hang out with the OMPC missions team in Seoul for a couple days, making it feel more familiar and comfortable. We'll see...I'm learning not to make plans!

Please be in prayer for the team over there...some are already in Seoul and others are flying out Thursday. They will be doing ESL clubs and ministering to the people there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I think I can, I think I can...

As far as the passport goes, I am still waiting. According to the passport office, my passport was mailed from New Hampshire (why was it all the way up there?!) yesterday at 2:30pm. My deadline to being able to leave on time is tomorrow at noon. So, if I have it tomorrow at noon, I will be leaving on Thursday morning. If not, that will be rescheduled. As of right now, I'm going ahead and making all plans to leave Thursday...I'm packing tonight (yes, Jon David, actually packing!) with the help of my wonderful mother and sweet Robin. Is it all going to fit? Who knows? Let's hope so! I'll post my final packing list later, in case any of you plan on moving to Asia sometime in the near future :)

Keep praying for that passport!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Update on the passport: it's "in process". This is NOT good. I'm having to remember that God is in control and that maybe I'm being delayed for a reason. I don't know what that might be, and I still might make my flight, but this is making the whole mental preparation thing (just like Kara said) that much more difficult. I cannot control the US passport people. I cannot control paperwork. I don't like it, but I'm going to have to deal with it.

In the meantime, I'm still praying that somehow a miracle occurs and my passport comes tomorrow or Monday. If not, I guess I'm hanging out longer here in Birmingham.

South Korea, I swear I'm coming soon!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I continue to be amazed at how God provides for me in so many ways. Things I don't even pray for, and He is already a step ahead. From friends who come over to help me pack and price things for the garage sale, a hug from someone at church, a check from a dear friend that helps meet my needs, shoes from a sweet grandmother who knew I needed them, parents who support me in every way...I can't even imagine where I would be or WHO I would be without the love, support and encouragement from these people.

Today in church, our sermon was about how much we NEED fellowship and relationships. "No man is an island", no matter how hard we try to function alone. As humans, we deeply need relationships and other people in our lives who push us and spur us on. I am deeply grateful for the people God has placed in my life to do that for me. If you're reading this, you are probably one of those people. Thank you for sticking in there with me :) You are appreciated!

Still waiting on the passport...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Prayer request

Yesterday, I drove to Montgomery (singing at the top of my lungs, naturally) and got my apostille, came home and then sent off my packet to Korea. Now I wait for them to process my visa there, send me the number, and then I will head to the Korean embassy in Atlanta for my actual visa to be put in my passport. However, one key ingredient is missing in this little story: I HAVEN'T GOTTEN MY PASSPORT BACK YET!!!

I sent off my passport to be renewed in early June. I was out of pages and it needed to be renewed in 2010 anyway, so I figured I might as well do the whole shebang now. But, I haven't gotten it back yet. YIKES!!! I need my passport to move to Korea! I have a flight!

All that to say, please please please pray that my passport comes in ASAP and all the rest of my preparations go smoothly. I'm still packing (no surprise there) and trying to spend as much time as possible with loved ones.

On that note, tonight is my farewell party at WineStyles. Kara, Brian and I are having a guacamole showdown (with judges and everything!) and the winner gets a bottle of wine. My kind of contest! It's such a bittersweet thing, because that store has become such a part of my many amazing friends have come to me through WS and we've have some fun, crazy times there and around town. It's going to be hard to say good-bye! Much love to you all!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

15 days and counting down...

Um, this is getting VERY real...I got my flight info today. I leave at 6:30am on Thursday the 23rd. Oh my goodness! I also got my criminal background check back from the FBI (clear of course!) and I have to drive to Montgomery tomorrow to get it apostilled (international notary). Whew!

I've started my packing list and I'm realizing how much I'm going to have to learn to do without. Don't get me wrong, I think I could do with some downsizing...I just think I didn't realize things like not having the brands I'm used to. It's such an American thing, I guess, but it will take some getting used to. I'd post my packing list, but it's forever long...maybe I will next time so I can get any suggestions.