Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Could I GET more cliche? I mean, everyone makes resolutions and then they are forgotten by the second week in January. But, I've had plenty of down time to think about what in my life I'd like to change and while the list is long, I'm only going to focus on a few things.

1) I'm going to focus on being more presentable when leaving the house. For those who know me well, I'm a t-shirt and yoga pants type of girl. Or, during the summer, t-shirt and gym shorts. I know, I know....I'm 29, but in all fairness, I've spent the last year in classes and babysitting. So, I usually come home at the end of the day with at least one child's snot or tears or something on my clothes. Plus it was crazy hot this summer and I didn't feel like getting all gussied up to go to class only to be soaked in sweat (great mental picture, eh?) by the time I got there. But, I digress. I started TODAY. I've been ill for several days now but pulled it together to meet a friend for pho. And, I put on real clothes and real shoes, people. The who shebang. I even wore a necklace. So, I've started, literally, with style.

2) I'm going to focus on being more active. No, I'm not resolving to lose 100 lbs. or run a marathon. Because that's just not going to happen. No matter what. Not. Happening. So, my more realistic resolution is to start by doing 3 hours of focused exercise a week. That might be dancing to Ke$ha with Paige and Kiley. That might be taking a walk with Miss Margaret. That might be me actually getting to the gym (insert *gasp* here) and doing some hardcore stuff, like the elliptical or something. Whatever form it takes, I will try and get in that 3 hours/week of exercise.

3) I'm going to make more time for friends. Let's face it, I'm a homebody. I love nothing more than to put on my moose pants and a sweatshirt and read or watch a movie. But, it's bad when I'm 29 and notorious for NEVER GOING OUT with my friends. I think I went out once this whole year. That's ridiculous. So, here's to more GNOs and chiminea nights.

4) I will get a big girl haircut. Hmmm...not sure how this one is going to pan out, but I need to look more professional and less......like a bum. Regular haircuts (regular being more than once a year), a style, etc...this is something that should have happened a long time ago, I realize that, but what better time than now, as I approach my 30's with zest and enthusiasm? I will NOT tell the stylist to "just take a little off the ends" or "make sure I can still get it in a ponytail". Oh no...this girl will have a big girl haircut.

5) I will be more organized. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA......by this I mean that I will have my sister-in-love come over regularly to make me organize my stuff. But, it's a good thought ;)

I definitely have more I want to work on, but I feel that these are obtainable and realistic goals. And, here I am, putting it out on the internets, so if any of you see me in Target wearing a ponytail, yoga pants, old t-shirt and flipflops, please direct me back to this post.

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