Monday, September 12, 2011


I might bemoan my busy life, but in part, I think it helps keep me sane. There is something comforting and familiar about looking at my planner and seeing it full of names and times to be places. Being one of those people who needs external motivation, perhaps this is how I get things done. 8am-drive to school, 11am-class, 12:12pm-lunch with A, 2pm-class, 4pm-pick up E kids at tutoring, etc etc etc. It's different every day and I am honestly with a different group of kids every day but it keeps things interesting. Am I a little bit crazy? Mmhmm. Is it fun? Pretty much, on most days. I homeschool the C kids, do laundry with the B kids, drive around the D kids....I mean, I'm big sister to practically every child I know. I like it.

Which is why looking at January + is scaring the heck outta me. There's nothing there. Not one notation or plan or date filled or anything. I will be student teaching in January and I have no clue where that will be. I know I'll be busy and hectic January-May but the fact that I have no control over where or how that will happen? Terrifying.

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