Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Directions

I title this blogpost in honor of Glee, because it's one of the few things that really makes me laugh and smile these days. Why are you blue, you might ask...

I am going in a new direction. One that leads me away from someone I have loved dearly. There was no big fight, no hurtful words said...but decisions were made that put cracks in our relationship and those cracks widened and now it's over. There are so many emotions that I'm numb...I'm happy in a way. I'm happy that God is in control (I have to keep telling myself this) and that there is a reason for everything. I don't regret the past year and a half. I don't regret coming to Korea. I don't regret loving him. I am a better person because of him, and I think he would say the same thing about me.

So, I'm going in a new direction...I just don't know where I'm going. My future now seems quite empty without him there.

God, please show me the way.

Anyway...that's that. If anyone cares to comment, please remember that I won't tolerate anything negative comments about him here. He is a good man and we separate as amicably as possible.

Much love from Korea.